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Over £102K raised through crowd funding and fund raising events this summer.

Tue, 10 Sep 2019

Work towards the development of the Hyperbaric Chamber Service continues

We are delighted to announce that work is well underway to finalise the specifications before a new hyperbaric chamber is ordered from the manufacturers.

In April this year, staff and supporters of the hyperbaric chamber in Peel Road, Douglas formed a new charity called “Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy” (HBOT IOM) which took over the operational functions from the original charity called “The Kevin Gray Memorial Charity”. 

Our first task was to decommission the current chambers and alter the internal layout of our premises to facilitate their removal.  Our task now is to reach out and ask for support from individuals and corporate benefactors to help us raise vital funds. We need to purchase and get a new chamber up and running as soon as possible so that our Island patients who need to use the facility can resume their important and often life- saving treatment protocols in the case of diving casualties as this service is currently not available on our Island.

Manager at the hyperbaric chamber John Houghton said “We have now raised an amazing £102K from crowd funding but in order to achieve our goal we need lots more!  We are also keeping our fingers and toes crossed as we hope to receive some much needed high value funding from some large benefactors who we are currently in touch with”.

The charity has recently recruited the support of Marcie Dean a former Fundraising and Events Coordinator who is very keen to hear from companies and individuals who wish to support us through their own fundraising campaigns.  Marcie is highly experienced and would encourage you to get in touch with her if you would like to support our worthy cause!

Marcie said “I am absolutely thrilled to offer the hyperbaric chamber my full support with their important fundraising campaign.   The public has always supported the chamber because they realise the importance of hyperbaric oxygen therapy has on patients who need to use the facility. I hope to hear from anyone who wishes to support them and help in any way I can”.

Marcie Dean can be contacted via email on or  telephone 467668 and would be delighted to hear from anyone who is arranging a sporting or any other charitable event in aid of the hyperbaric chamber.

You can view the progress on the new chamber and learn about HBOT medicine via our website . Donations welcome via