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Fri, 22 Jun 2018

As part of the two Hyperbaric Chambers’ daily inspection prior to use, it was identified that there was an aspect with both chambers which required immediate attention. Unfortunately, this has necessitated The Kevin Gray Memorial Trust to announce the immediate temporary suspension of services for patients and diving casualties until the matter has been resolved.
We appreciate the public's concerns over funding, however there is no discernible issue at the current time. Whilst some of the development funding and donations will need to be diverted to resolve the current situation, the full replacement costs of certain key components is not as yet completely known.  As ever, we greatly appreciate any and all funding needed to run this essential service for our Island Community.
We apologise to everyone for this inconvenience, however we are going to use this down time to also undertake any upgrades that may possibly have been required within the next couple of years.
A further announcement will be made as and when information is available.